South Africa has come a long way since the dark days of Apartheid. 22 years following the dawn of democratic South Africa, our country has dramatically changed in many ways. Indeed, how we see ourselves as South Africans and how the world sees us, has been profoundly altered.

Launching in 2017, The South African Brand Summit & Awards will provide a unique platform to begin – but probably not finish – a series of important conversations about branding and brand management in the public and private sectors. It will also look at how brands that operate in South Africa, local and global, contribute to the country’s brand narrative. The Summit will feature a diverse range of local and international experts who have materially influenced the reputation of admired nations and private sector brands.

The esteemed speakers and panels will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by:

• How South Africa is perceived and what it is currently associated with and known for, domestically and globally.
• Our nation’s brand narrative(s), i.e. the messages that are being received out there, domestically and globally, about the country, how these get sent out and how they inform the narrative of the nation brand image; also, encompassing how we might improve this narrative.
• South Africans best-loved brands, across the spectrum domestically and globally, that particularly impact on South Africa’s image.

The Summit also seeks to recognise, award, and celebrate the brands that make the country shine.

Solly Moeng, Reputation Specialist & Project Convenor says: “It has been reasoned that countries have branding as part of their DNA and the identity of a country reflects its people, institutions, and values. The South African Brand Summit & Awards will initiate and lead conversations about our nation’s brand; the attributes that make us proud, as well as the opportunities that remain to improve on our best efforts to progress in an increasingly global and complex world. This initiative will provide an opportunity to reflect on how to effectively distinguish our best assets in-order-to burnish domestic stability, attract investment and achieve sustainable development.

With the theme “Recapturing the South African narrative”, The South African Brand Summit & Awards, will take place on 16th & 17th November 2017 at the CTICC, Cape Town. The Summit will culminate in a Gala Awards Dinner at which brands that make South Africa shine will be celebrated.

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